New Product Announcement

Greogory Barkley 48 Lang

New Product Coming Soon Gregory from Shreveport, Louisiana writes: I purchased a Lang 48″ smoker last year. I have used it at least 2-3 times per month over the last year and am very happy with my purchase. The smoker is showing rust in several areas on the firebox. I clean the smoker thoroughly after … Read more

Insulated Fireboxes?

Q&A Q: Are all your smokers 1/4 in steel? A: Yes, our BBQ smokers are all 1/4″ plate thru-out. Q: Do you also make insulated fireboxes? A: When materials are this thick and all-welded in construction; they hold their heat extremely well and don’t need the insulation  like thinner gauge meta l machines do.  ~  Thanks for Looking … Read more