Made in the USA: Reverse Flow Explained

We all work with various equipment and very often don’t understanding how
the actual product works. That may be true when it comes to Lang’s famous
Reverse Flow Process. It’s one of the most talked about features in
barbeque. In this video Ben Lang takes us through the science of the
reverse flow and makes several critical points on it. Ever wonder why the
exhaust pipe and firebox are on the same side? You’ll see why. Wonder why
the fire remains so steady in a Lang? You’ll find out. Ever wonder how the
Lang can sear and render fat so efficiently? The more you know about how it
works, the more advantage you can apply to your cooking adventures.

2 thoughts on “Made in the USA: Reverse Flow Explained”

  1. Hi, I have a Lang 60″ I’ve had it for about 4 years now. Now when I start it with a good amount of wood in the box, I’m having a hard time getting my temp up to 220 it will only get up to 175 at times its taking almost 2 1/2 hours to get to 220.

    • Casey, have you gone to Lang Smoker Owners on FaceBook? Post this and you will have 50 to 60 answers within 1/2 an hour. Also, have you cleaned out your
      smoke stack? That could be causing poor air flow. Every so often you have to burn out the stack. I believe we have a video on the YouTube channel for Lang.
      I would go to YouTube and if you cannot find an answer, go to the FaceBook site. I will post your info now.


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