2021 hogs for the cause whole hog champs!

The following email was sent to Ben Lang:



Just wanted to send a few pics from this weekends bbq competition and fundraiser out of Louisiana, Hogs For The Cause. Our team raised over $80k for children with pediatric brain cancer. We also took 1st place out of over 80 teams in the Whole Hog event! We are overjoyed! The Fatboy performed flawlessly in heavy downpours and wind.

Two years ago, we decided to invest in a rig that would allow us to compete in the whole hog event. To say that we made the right choice would be an understatement. I am so proud to be a part of the Lang family. Thanks again to you and your team, Ben!

Rob Fenasci
Mr. Pig Stuff


Now that’s what I call Cookin’ on a Lang!

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