The first Lang smoker I saw was from 1/2 mile away! I had to stop!

We recently received this request for information about the Lang Model 36 Series. Thought you might enjoy!

Interested in Specifc Model: 36″ Hybrid Deluxe Patio

Planning to purchase: Now

How I found this site: the book “Meathead” by Meathead Goldwyn

Inquiry: I’ve looked at your website dozens of times; I’ve watched videos: I’ve talked to a couple of fellas who have Lang equipment. The first smoker I saw was from 1/2 mile away! I had to stop! It was loaded with meats; it was his 3rd Lang, he is fixing to get another one!

I’m settled on the 36 Hybrid Deluxe Patio! want s/s racks……..and mag wheels front and back.

How does one “steer” this rig? (you show a yoke & handle on 48″s). I would like a steel cutout of the state of Louisiana welded on the front of the rig…….perhaps with a “Fleur-de-lis” where the city of Baton Rouge is located. This would prevent it from getting stolen. If you tell me the thickness/dia. of the plate, I’ll try to get it locally and ship it to you. How specifically does one get all the charcoal out of the BBQ section if it is a “container” if it acts like a container? Might have more questions; your lines are busy today!

Well Hello Ken! – Lot’s of great questions. You might want to check out our Introduction to Lang BBQ Smokers section. Looking forward to speaking with you soon!

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