Q&A: Is the 84″ Original the smoker cooker we need for our event?


“This is a long shot, but worth trying… The food pantry I work at is having a large block party on June 10th and the menu is totally dependent on a smoker – and we are cooking for 400 lol! The smoker we were going to be using just pulled out and I’m in Wisconsin scrambling to find a rig that big on such short notice. We do not have rentals up here, so that’s out of the question; we did have a donor offer to purchase us a permanent solution. Without much lead time, I’m assuming you don’t have an 84” in stock, but your website said to ask – so I’m asking

Please let me know if you have any trailer models in stock currently, we can be flexible with our pricing as this is a BBQ emergency lol!

Thank You!”
-Caitlin C


No Worries Catlin,

We can meet your time schedule and get you the smoker you need at the normal price. Stainless steel cooking racks are a good option you might want to consider, if budget allows.

All that is necessary to do, is put in and order online or via reply to this email.

Model 84 will easily feed your need of 400. And cook it in less time with more efficiency. 36-eight pound pork butts is a full load, top and bottom racks. The Flavor-Pop when cooking on a Lang BBQ Smoker is second to none. And the reason why is Seasoned Fat Searing on a clean griddle, it’s pure magic.


Hope to see your order soon!

Best Regards,
Ben Lang

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