Insulated Fireboxes?

Q&A Q: Are all your smokers 1/4 in steel? A: Yes, our BBQ smokers are all 1/4″ plate thru-out. Q: Do you also make insulated fireboxes? A: When materials are this thick and all-welded in construction; they hold their heat extremely well and don’t need the insulation  like thinner gauge meta l machines do.  ~  Thanks for Looking … Read moreInsulated Fireboxes?

He asked – Can you build a rotisserie in my smoker cooker?

We asked – Why? While a rotisserie could be fitted in our smokers we don’t offer one. We prefer to let the heat move around the meat in our reverse-flow smoker cookers, rather than moving the meat around in the heat, as in rotisseries. photo credit – the two whole hogs photo above is from … Read moreHe asked – Can you build a rotisserie in my smoker cooker?


Chef Paul, Thank you for sharing everything BBQ at you class at Lang. Quick question: brisket. I just ordered a case of black angus 17-19 lb briskets. I know in class we separated the point from the flat so we could all eat lunch, but how would you handle the whole brisket. I’m thinking to … Read moreBrisket