Lang November 2021 2nd Newsletter for Month

Volume 27.5 | November 2021 Veterans Day is Tomorrow Let’s honor our Veterans tomorrow and every day Thank you for Your Service If you are considering your first or another Lang you need to “Spring into Action!!” Lang is backordered for several months. In order to make certain you have it for Spring, don’t hesitate.

Lang December 2021 Newsletter

Volume 28 | December 2021 DON’T YOU WANT MORE LANG FOR YOUR BUCKS???? Do you have a birthday coming up?? Are you getting ready for Christmas?? Anniversary?? Whatever the gift giving season or event, don’t forget about Lang Gift Bucks!!! Lang Bucks never expire and can be saved up for your very own Lang!!! What a gift!!! Just mention … Read more

January 2022 Lang Newsletter

Volume 29 | January 2022 The Weather Outside is Frightful, but My Lang is Still Delightful!!!   Read about it in the blog from 2017 when some Minnesotans took their Lang out on the Ice for fishing and it held it’s temperature. Lang is not scared of the cold!!!!! Click here to read more   … Read more

36 Series Lang BBQ Smoker Cooker Fire Management Instructional Video

Smoker cooker

The Lang 36 is the smallest fire box and cooking area in the Lang Smoker line up, so it heats up faster. That means you need  to have good fire management skills. This is critical to new Lang smoker beginners. Learn about right sizing the wood for fire. Learn what to do if you live … Read more

Intro to the Fat Boy 84 Deluxe and Kitchen Models Lang BBQ Smoker Cookers

With 500 pounds of capacity what else could Ben Lang call this smoker but a Fat-Boy 84 Series. One factor that makes it a Fat-Boy 84, is that it’s 84 inches from one end to the other. That means a minimal amount of linear space but a whole lot of cooking space. Get a look at … Read more