Lang Biz Tips September 2023

Making BBQ operations better efficiencies with solid operations.

A business is a series of interconnected operations. Most businesses, as they grow, bring in an Operations Manager. For smaller business operations are run by the owner and a few trusted staff members. Here is a compilations of what some key areas for smoother business operations mean.


First, let’s define what we mean by operations

Business operations involve every action and system that work together for to generate revenue. Business operations vary based on size.  Giving attention to your operations improve productivity, cuts cost, and waste and more.

Other value points encompass:



This gives you the expertise you need to motivate others, inspire ideas and support teams. You must find ways to combine management strategies influence and motivate your people to collaborate with clear goals and expectations. This includes flexibility and adaptability. In fast-paced business-like barbequing, your operations team must act quickly to keep up with changing demands, especially when problems arise and customers are lined up. This ability to remain adaptable and open-minded to different situations is vitally important.



A company’s staff contributes significantly to its business operations, as does its location and whether employees work in person, remotely or with a hybrid model. Assigning tasks to employees and ensuring everyone works on projects that fit their skill set are important for promoting productivity and profits. Many times a chef or pitmaster is supremely skilled at the grill, by not very good at dealing directly with customers. Know your people’s strengths.



A company’s processes are important because they determine the steps for staff members to follow when preparing products or services. A well-defined process can give staff the confidence to complete their tasks with fewer errors and less supervision.




Conflicts can arise in operations like conflict between staff, challenges to completing projects on time and other issues that affect overall success. Problem-solving skills allow you to weigh options and implement solutions that help overcome problems in the workplace. Conflict resolution skills are another part of your problem-solving capabilities that are necessary to adapt to changing situations.




Effective operational structures help your staff organize, prioritize and complete their work. Clearly defined processes help you delegate tasks. This might include allotting the right amount of time and resources to each stage of production and equipping staff with training to help them meet your quality standards.




The technology and equipment for running your barbeque business also are key elements of its business operations. Understanding the demands of your industry and what equipment it requires (such as the size of the Lang Smoker) is an important consideration when planning your business operations and budget.




Where your business is located has a direct effect on success. Are you near walking paths, busy streets, near large business plazas? Conducting business in the right place is very important. Choosing the right location can help ensure the growth of the business.




Improving your operations can help you deliver more value to customers.  Faster more efficient food delivery whether plated or not is of primary importance to customers. The stronger your customer relationships the greater the loyalty which means  great word of mouth to family and friends and good reviews on social media.




While boosting revenue through sales, effective business operations also help companies minimize waste and loss to retain more profit. Regularly auditing your processes and output ensures that you’re optimizing your resources and managing risk. Operationally efficient employees look for opportunities to minimize unnecessary costs.



A strong company culture may include an emphasis on team-building activities, regular check-ins between employees and owner, feedback, social events and company-branded clothing. Work culture can make employees feel comfortable and appreciated and encourage them to succeed for the company’s good and their own.



Business owners/managers must have solid communication skills to interact with staff and other individuals every day. It’s also important to develop your listening skills, presentation skills and negotiation skills, as these traits are extremely important for encouraging team feedback, leading meetings and discussing business issues and change.


Of course there’s much more to operations efficiency and we will continue to bring you thoughts and ideas to support your business success, and keep things smokin’.








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