“Kyle from California” Testimonial

Mr. Ben Lang,

Sir I wanted to write this email to say thank you.  I am currently using a“48 inch Original (2020) ” and my first smoker was a 36” Hybrid (2016).  For both purchases I spoke with you on the phone and received excellent customer services as well as answers to all questions.  I started as a backyard only and have since graduated to bigger events. I am a Firefighter in California and been able to cook for station/department events such as Probationary meals, Holidays, Retirements as well as a Memorial for an active duty death one year anniversary.  I’ve tried to showcase your smokers and answer any questions which has led to fellow Firefighters purchasing smokers from you as well.  The memorial we used two 48” Smokers and fed 175 people, smoking 180+ lbs of meat.  Please accept my gratitude and I look forward to possibly upgrading in the future.

Thank you,


PS: Your staff has also been very friendly over the phone, they used to call me “Kyle from California”


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