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The Pacific Northwest isn’t typically well known for traditional barbeque. Most BBQ restaurants use pellets, gas, gas assist, wood chips or liquid smoke. J&C uses all oak wood in their smokers which provides a more traditional, complex flavor profile.

Get Your Lang BBQ Smoker!!! Here and Now!!

Ben Lang with alot of Lang Smoker Cookers

Ben wants everybody to know that you can take delivery of any size Lang BBQ smoker that you desire. There are plenty to go around. Start thinking of your Christmas Gift!!!

Who’s Cooking on a Lang Fire Pit in California?

Not many people don’t know that we make fire pits. Because of the heavy steel used it’s not really practical for shipping long distance. However it can be combined with a smoker cooker order.

The fire pits can be used in colder weather to keep warm. Some of our smoker cooking students sat around them in our November Q-School.


fire pit

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