Get Your Lang BBQ Smoker!!! Here and Now!!

Ben Lang with alot of Lang Smoker Cookers

Ben wants everybody to know that you can take delivery of any size Lang BBQ smoker that you desire. There are plenty to go around. Start thinking of your Christmas Gift!!!

All I want for Christmas is a Lang BBQ Smoker Cooker

holiday_cooker_with_hatWe know that a lot of people are wishing they had a new Lang BBQ Smoker cooker. Wesley wrote to us and shared his letter to Santa.

Ben, I hope everyone is doing well. I am going to leave several printed copies of the attached letter to Santa throughout my house in hopes that my wife finds and reads them. I am really dropping huge hints for her, so we’ll see how it goes. I thought I would share the letter with you just in case “Santa” calls with any questions about a 60D on wheels. I hope to order one soon! ~ Wesley V.

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