Lang BBQ Smokers® named the best offset smoker by Food & Wine Magazine

There is nothing more American than barbecuing in the backyard with your family and friends. It is one of our favorite pastimes that brings us together and creates lifelong memories.

Food & Wine Magazine wanted to find out what are the best BBQ smokers out there for your family to purchase for your backyard. So, they enlisted the help of two experienced chefs and pitmasters to weigh in on their top smoker picks. The first expert is Cory Bahr, the chef and owner of Parish restaurant in Monroe, Louisiana, and was named Food & Wine’s Best New Chef. The second expert is Jake Wood, the owner and pitmaster of Lawrence BBQ in Durham, North Carolina.

Lang Best Offset SmokerAfter years in the business and copious research, Chef Cory Bahr and Pitmaster Jake Wood named the best off-set smokers to be the Lang 36-inch Original Patio Smoker. They found that the solid construction and reverse flow design allow easy heat management and retention.

Joe and Christy Poteet owners of J&C BBQ and Catering did a lot of research when they first started their business back in 2016. The research led them to Lang Smoker Cookers. The 84” Lang Deluxe Kitchen Cart Model was a perfect fit and their business took off.

Ben Lang said “When it comes to Off-Set Firebox BBQ smokers cookers, Lang is the originator of the reverse flow, offset-fire-box design. Every Lang smoker cooker model is built with the reverse flow design. ” All of the Lang smoker cookers have better cook results because of this reverse flow design. Reverse-flow design is all about circulation. The specially designed baffles draw smoke from the firebox across the bottom of the smoker. The smoke rises into the cook chamber before exiting the stack.

The Lang smoker cooker ranges in size, from the 36-inch patio model to a monstrous Lang 108 model which is typically used for catering businesses, restaurants, and competitions. Lang also offers customized smokers to fit everyone’s smoker cooker needs. The 36-inch Original Patio is a reasonable size for backyard cooks. It’s solid construction that could make the smoker a generational family heirloom.

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