Lang 60 Barbecue Pit Overview Part 2

 The details continue in this video. See the problems with charcoal and see what the biggest mistake that smokers make when it comes to cooking temperature—a vital observation! Learn some of the charcoal types and wood flavored chips. The host goes into some 60 smoker detail points of interest. Round out more learning from part 1, right here.

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  1. Pork butt. Cut in half top to bottom as it lays in the package. Remove all of the fat cap. Granulated garlic , black pepper and season salt is all that is needed. No marinade. Heat smoker to 350. Add butts cook to 150 internal. Put butts in aluminum cheap pans wrap with two layers foil. Keep smoker at 235 – 250 till butts reach minimum 205 internal. 6 hours butt are fall apart tender with smoke ring. Bone slides out clean.


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