My Dream Smoker

Interested in Models: Lang 60 Original Planning to purchase: In 1-3 Months How I found this site: bbq website Questions/Comments: I had recently emailed you with questions regarding additional options on a 48 deluxe. Well now I am leaning towards a 60 original. I read on a blog about yall adding a 2 x 2 … Read more

Newer Models

I purchased a Lang 60″ smoker from you about ten years ago. Since then many Boston butts, Pork shoulders, pork ribs and numerous chickens have been cooked on that smoker to the delight of my family, my friends and my fellow workers. I haven’t been on the website for quite some time. I was looking … Read more

Lang Model 60 Original

I am interested in buying a Lang 60 Original but I have a few  questions.  Do you use a reverse-flow system?  How big is the fire box?  Could you have a gas burner hooked to fire box to start your logs? Thanks for your time and help  Jeremy D. Wyatt Moore, S.C.   Hello Jeremy, Yes … Read more

The best I had ever done.

After seasoning the smoker, Lang 60 Original, for an entire day, the next day my first cook came off with out a hitch. I smoked five brisket flats and five turkey breast for a catering job. The only thing that was different was that the briskets didn’t have as crusty or dark of a bark … Read more