Customizing the Lang 60

Hey Guys,

I’m looking for my first trailer mounted smoker and I am favoring the Lang 60 Original… and if I go with the Lang 60, I’d like to make a few minor changes.
1. I’d like the same style/type upper rack in the Lang 60 that the Lang 84 has.
2. I’d like to remove the wood storage box and install a Chargrill with temp gauge (and upper rack if possible)…preferably the same size as on the Lang 84.
3. I’d like to synchronize the latches on the main cooking chamber… Example… the latch on the right latches over the lid/door, but the left one doesn’t…I’d like both of them to latch over the lid/door.
4. I’d also want two temp gauges like the Lang 84 has so I know exactly what the temps are on each end.
If we do this, how much will these changes add to the base price of the Lang 60 Original?
Also, I live in Minot, ND…what would be the possibility of picking this smoker up at your Wisconsin distributor?
That way I wouldn’t have to drive all the way to Nahunta, GA… that’s a long drive.
Thanks for your time…
Bob D

Yes, you can have sliding upper rack in a 60, “no extra charge to have it your way”. Yes you can opt for the chargrill 2ftx2ft it $350 and add $50 if you want a gauge in it. We can fix the latches the way you want no extra charge. Two gauges is no problem, it comes with one, you will have to pay an extra $50 for the second one. We now install them one at lower rack level and upper level with one being on each end. We have one now that is on the production line that will be shipping to North Dakota.
Freight rate to you would be $800. Door to door service it would come to you on a trailer an have no miles. Freight is due when it arrives.
Ben Lang

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  1. i brought a lang 84 a year ago, works well for me, i wanted to know about the firebox, there was a wood insert grate inside of your firebox, in your up coming event on may 28th. i want to purchase one for my 84, and wonder can you make this happen, and what the cost would be for me, to also have it shipped. again the smoker works very well, my next question is the time it takes to burn wood, and how many logs it takes to ge a 8 hour burn, when cooking a load of pork shoulders, this would help me a lot. thak les.


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