Sorry guys…I got you mixed up with another manufacturer…you don’t have a distributor in Wisconsin…sorry for my confusion.
I would still like the information I asked you about.
Thanks again…

We distribute to Wisconsin direct from our factory everyday. If you don’t want to buy a substitute or imitation, you should buy a LANG! It’s the original reverse flow smoker. Freight rates are real reasonable and service is fast. And the best part is no middle man. Hope to get you looking at Lang! Feel free to contact us regarding any information.
Ben Lang

2 thoughts on “Wisconsin….”

  1. They brought me mine, can be seen on weekends in the Wausau, Stevens Point area. Love it, maybe should have gone bigger though. Dont get me wrong it serves my needs but a couple of times with friends requests I have had her pretty well filled up

    • Gary,
      I’m in Point. I’d love to see your Lang smoker. I’m thinking about taking the plunge and would like to see a unit first.


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