For Sale “48” Patio Smoker in SD. Like New!

My husband and I bought a 48″ patio smoker in 2008, and you kindly delivered it to Hot Springs, SD. Larry very unexpectedly died last November (we both had the H1N1 ‘flu) and I don’t think I’ll be able to use it myself. I see it daily and I cry every time.

Is it possible you might have a customer up around the Dakotas or Wyoming that is in the market for this model? I could sure use some help.
Bonnie F
Lang 48 Patio

You may contact the webmaster for Lang at [email protected]. I will screen all inquiries for Bonnie.
Jim Mahlmann
NetCetra LLC

This unit was sold in about a week. Bonnie thanks all of your support and help with this tough endeavor.
Jim Mahlmann
Web Master

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  1. Chris T will drive to Hot Springs and pick up my smoker/cooker on April 3rd. Got it all cleaned up. Thank you again for all your help; probably not a lot of companies out there that will help someone sell used when the prospective customer could buy new. Bonnie

  2. i sent a e-mail a couple days ago but not sure if it worked. wanted to say sorry for your lose and was wondering about buying the smoker from you but i live in kansas.


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