Looking For That Next Step To Professional Cookers

I have been put on the Heart Transplant List in Indiana and was looking to try and make some extra money to offset the high cost of the Operation. Is this Model 48 a good size to do this. I have a small box style smoker that I use at home but it is not big enough to do this type of job. Can you help?

Steven S
Attica, Indiana

The Model 48 is a great individual size cooker, for entertaining and personal use. In your application the only thing the model 48 would be good for would be in a raffle at $10-$20 a ticket. Recently a model 60 ($2,500 cost) raised over seven thousand dollars. In terms of cooking for extended family use and fundraisers the Volume cooking models 60 and 84 are tried and true.
With all that being said the model 48 may be best for you because of the ease of use and the smaller size .
Hope things work out for you.
Best Regards,
Ben Lang

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  1. Pat,

    having been an owner of an 84 D and a 108 D – I will tell you there is a HUGE difference between these two machines — in size.

    If you can swing the cost (not much more), you get 2-3 times the machine. I like the 108 SOOO much better – gives me plenty of room to move around and I never have to turn down any sized event.

    Even the doors on the 84 are much heavier than the two smaller doors on the 108. Enough of me ranting –

    it is all about YOUR needs. I bought an 84 and out grew it in less than a year.

    BTW – Ben is making me my 3rd machine. Love ’em, love Ben and you will be delighted at the value.

  2. I’m looking at the Lang 84/84 Deluxe models. Any thoughts/comments would be greatly appreciated. If any one has one here in Ohio I would like to check it out.


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