A 108 In Our Future

Hey Ben,

Nice speaking with you this morning. I am pretty sure that sooner or later there will be a 108 in our future!

Here are a couple of photos of us in action. We love our Lang pits. As caterers with both an 84 and a 60, we have the flexibility to match the pit to the day’s menu and guest count. We can also book two events on the same date. Things have worked out so well that we plan to add a new 108 to the fleet!

Best Wishes,

Jerry Canzoneri
Joey Colarusso
Smoking J’s BBQ
Hard at Work
Lang 60 and Lang 84

2 thoughts on “A 108 In Our Future”

  1. Jerry and Joey,

    as a three-time owner of Langs, the 108 is the best all around rig for catering – IMHO. It is bigger then the 84 and 60 put together – and you have a ton of room to work around.

    I guarantee, you can sell both rigs that you have on craigs list and have enough cash to buy the 108D outright. Plus you’d have a bigger, more impressive, easier to use – and only one fire to tend, rig.

    I just measured – and we had 4 shelves put in this last one – make sure you tell Ben 4.25″ for food pan clearance – 78 sf of surface in this rig – plus almost 20 sf in the 5′ chargriller. I believe the 84 has 23 sf of surface – big jump up and for not much money.

    Send more pics – these are great!

    PS – get dual axles.

  2. Ben, Our church owns a 84 twin with the grill on the front. We are paying down the church mortgage with our ministry. Do you have a good chicken mop? I am not that pleased with the one that we use.


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