Wood vs Gas


Loaded the cooker with 60 wings, 4 brisket (flats), 2 pork loins at 0830 on this past Sunday morning. I pulled everything off at once about 1 p.m.
WOW was that meat good. My test crew loved everything. My favorite was the wings and stuffed halepeno peppers( I cooked the last 90 minutes).Best of all it only took about 12 piece of hickory to maintain the 225 degrees to cook the meat. I am so glad I bought this unit versus a gas cooker.
Cannot wait to come back in July for the cooking class and get my unit upgraded so I can cook in the warming box for small family events.

Rob Wilhoite
Grandma Wilhoite’s Outdoor Catering

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  1. Ben, Thanks again for a great smoker. We received our sign bracket yesterday and it was the wrong size, it should have been 2X4 instead of 1X4, and who ever made it they cut the end that should be against the tank on a 45 degree angle, I guess they were not thinking. We will just get one made up here by the man who is making up the sign, we should have done that in the first place. Again a great smoker but I would talk with the one doing your small jobs Thanks

  2. Doug, I would say start with 2 – 3 hours at 225, less for a bit higher temps (which I like to cook at). Right on the grill. When you are done, you can throw them in a disposable food pan and cover, but don’t forget to uncover and recrisp before serving or the skin will be chewy.

    Our wings, we cook, then the last little bit, dip them in your hot sauce then back on to caramelize the sauce. oooow weeee.

  3. I have to smoke wings for an upcoming event. Would you recommend smoking them in a pan with juice, or directly on the smoker itself??? How long would you smoke them ?


    Doug Summerford
    LANG 84


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