Best thing I have every bought!

Hey Ben here is a picture of some ribs and wings I cooked last week. I have to say that this is the best thing I have every bought. I love cooking on it and my friends love it when I cook. I might be interested in the 108 and was wondering if you could give me a price on the 108 with a 48″ grill on it and a double axle. thanks.

John Gordon Dixon

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  1. Those wings look great. I just bought a 48. I need tips and ticks to using this smoker. Any help along with recipes would be greatly appreciated.

    • Go back to and click on the forum. You will find recipes in there. Make sure you cure your unit and check out the video section for how to start a fire. New one coming out with Ben Lang giving the instructions.

  2. John,

    Sing me up for some of those wings!

    I too started with an 84, then upped to a 108. I think the best situation might be an 84 AND a 108 – if funds allow.

    I sold my 84 (they hold their value) and got a 108 – YOU ARE 100% CORRECT – you MUST have double axles. My single axle was rough to pull – this new dual axle is a dream. Pulls like the 84 – can’t even tell its back there.

    Best value on a cooker out there. Go for it – the 108 has a ton of room to move around. Will easily feed 1500 the way we cook. Its a hoss.


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