I need a Lang smoker cooker cater for a gig in New Jersey

I am the webmaster for this web site and I do a pigroast in Lakewood, NJ (central) on July 15th at 5 PM in the Blue Claws stadium for approximately 100 people. I need a pig, some chicken, hot dogs and hamburgers. Call me Jim at NetCetra, 732-262-7888 if you would like to quote me.

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  1. Doug,

    As an owner of 3 Langs, I do catering and I will tell you, in my opinion – the 60 is not big enough for vending — unless you are just wanting to sell to small groups.

    As with many things, it needs to be worth your while to shop, go set up, cook, etc – you have a big investment and a lot of time in this. If your food is good – and I know it is with a Lang (shameless plug there), you will probably outgrow a 60 in a few weeks. My opinion.

    Heck we all know it is the same amount of work to cook for 75 people as it is to cook for 300 people – what makes more sense for you is what it comes down to.

    Get an 84 D (best all around rig) or a 108 D if funds allow – but whatever you do – get a Deluxe – you MUST have that warmer if you are doing any kind of BBQ business. It is wonderful.


  2. Hi,
    I’m interested in the 84 Deluxe Warmer.
    I’m from the Island(SSI) but live in Colorado now.
    I was wondering how much it would cost to have the Pitt delivered, or I was thinking of coming down for a visit and renting a car to drive back to CO with my new smoker. Anyway how much would it cost to have ya’ll ship it. Then I’ll decide with the cheaper of the two.
    Doug Fliehman

  3. Hi Ben,
    I’m wanting to use this bbq for vending, would a 60 be big enough?

    I was also wanting a sink or better yet a 3 basin sink with hot water and it would have to have gray water storage.
    Could that be added?


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