Lets Talk!

Hey Ben!!!
It would be a neat thing if there was a list of owners and contact info that can be used to communicate between ourselves. The learning curve would be so much easier by talking with guys who are more experienced.
Once relationships are built, we could all meet once a year for a “throw down” reunion. A fun time of sharing and competition.
Just a thought, but I would love it!!!
Best Regards,
Doug Summerford

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  1. Hi All,

    I just ordered a Lang 60 Deluxe with a grill with upgrades to warmer to be delivered in a about a week. I have never smoked anything before but am excited to learn. Any suggestions on what to start out with including cook temp.s times or other tips so I dont burn the sugar out of what I am cooking. I thought about starting out with chicken and brisket.

    Also, what other things do I need to purchase to make everything work smoothly.


  2. I am in Central KY – and I know of three more Lang owners within an hour.

    There is an annual Jim Beam Classic BBQ Competition here in Springfield, KY. that is a ton of fun – and we have a big farm, we’ll host a throw down anytime — with notice. 🙂


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