84 Delux Warmer with Chargrill

I have used your Land 84 Delux Warmer with Chargrill. Best Smoker I ever used. Question for you. I dont need the trailer. I want to purchase just the Smoker with firebox no trailer or warmer. I want to mount it at my outside deck. Will you sell me just the smoker and fire box. If so at what price?

What you need is A Lang BBQ Smoker Model # 84 delx No-Frame. $3795.
Four hundred less than the trailer model. Work’s great for build-ins and out door kitchen patios.
Ben Lang

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  1. Paul, what a fun video – those guys were hilarious – getting all giddy about your food. Must make you feel great and must be great for business. Great video, great looking food – and a great cooker.

  2. Mr. Lang , second year with my cooker ……whew one good piece of equipment I actually started a mobile bbq business that isnow starting to become popular . I f you want t see your cooker in action go to wnyt channel 13 website , once on click on the lets eat box on left and click on mixed berry bbq and olivia’s smokey southern bbq rib rub and bourbon mop. Showed off the cooker live on t.v………Thanks Paul Rother


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