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I purchased a Lang 60″ smoker from you about ten years ago. Since then many Boston butts, Pork shoulders, pork ribs and numerous chickens have been cooked on that smoker to the delight of my family, my friends and my fellow workers. I haven’t been on the website for quite some time. I was looking at the new models and discovered that you were no longer using the propane tanks for the smoking chamber. When did you stop using them and was there a particular reason you did so?

I read on the blog where some of the people were asking about cold weather cooking. Some were asking about insulating the cooker chamber and firebox. I have a different approach that I plan to do this summer.
I’m going to build a shed around the cooker with a front that opens so that it can be removed and hauled when necessary. That will give me a place to store dry hickory and stay dry and out of the elements when cooking in cold weather or rainy weather.
Michael Daniel
Columbus, NC

Wood and good charcoal like Kingsford’s hickory, mesquite and competition types add to the final taste of your food.
The new units are of thicker metal and the new look is more professional. The rolled cylinders we now use are BUILT FOR PURPOSE and the health departments like that better and so do the ladies, they did not care for the home made look.

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