My Dream Smoker

Interested in Models: Lang 60 Original

Planning to purchase: In 1-3 Months

How I found this site: bbq website

Questions/Comments: I had recently emailed you with questions regarding additional options on a 48 deluxe. Well now I am leaning towards a 60 original. I read on a blog about yall adding a 2 x 2 chargrill in place of the wood box, is that still available and for how much more. Sorry for the additional email but i want to make sure I get my dream smoker right the first time out.

mike akins

Dear Mike,

No worries  , answering your barbecue questions is what gives us existence  in our industry. You e-mail as often as you would like.

Yes, The 60  is available with a 24×24 inch  char grill on the front instead of a wood basket . Add $400. This can be put on any size of our bbq smokers.

the 48 delx with a front mount char grill is very popular; but so is the 60 original  with the 24″chargrill  and a 60 long neck with a 40″ chargrill is popular also Take your time. Get the size you want; the way you want,  to take care of your cooking needs now and in the future.

Hope to get you cooking Soon on that DREAM smoker.

Thanks for wanting to own a Lang. It is the best cooker you will ever buy.

Best Regards,

Ben Lang

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