Lang 60 Delux BBQ Smoker Cooker

Had a few questions about ordering the Model 60D including delivery time if I pick up at your location. What would it cost for these options.

· To have the same sliding full upper rack as the model 84 that can be completely removed. An additional sliding upper rack that is about the half the size of the full upper rack that can be used instead of the full rack.

– There is the option of the wider trailer, what is the cost of that?

Are there pictures of this option? Size of extra area (2’ x 6’?)

· What would be the cost of a chargrill on the 60D? If put on the wider trailer I assume you can put a bigger chargrill, what would be the cost of a larger chargrill? Does it go on the other side of the pit or still mounted on the front.

· I see the 84 has gauges at both ends, do you feel that is a good idea on the 60D or would that be over kill on the smaller unit? Cost if added?

· I have the Redi Check by Maverick Thermometer. I would like to know if possible to put a little shelf ( 6”x8” made of wire mess for airflow as it needs to stay cool) just above the gauge (I assume other side would be too hot) for the meter to sit. I would then like to have a hole drilled and tapped close to this shelf in order to run the probes thru instead thru the door. When not needed, a plug would be screwed in place.

· My folks are snowbirds and I was planning on picking up the pit when I go down to bring them home for the summer. I am looking sometime around middle of April to as late as middle of May. Would this work in your production schedule?



60 deluxe are in stock  Wide body 60 delx is build to order, cost $1000. dollar less than the 84 del wide body.

Over three foot by 6 ft. is the extra area in the trailer.  Add $500 for chargrill in tongue area.

Sliding rack no extra charge and we can fix it your way , a 2 piece upper rack is okay to.

Add $50. for 2nd gauge.

The extra shelf and hole for you digital heat gauge is also no extra.  let us know where you want it.

Allow 3 -4 weeks in the spring when ordering. Payment is certified funds if from out of state. And can be made at time of delivery

Ben Lang

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  1. I saw an outdoor fire pit that was made by Lang at a BBQ comp in Ft Pierce but can’t find them on your site. Do they sell on line at all? It had a grate for cooking on top.


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