Congratulations! Good Luck on the trail this year. And thanks for “Cooking on a Lang”

Hey Ben,

This is Rock Moomau (Rocks Money Pit BBQ) from Va I purchased a Lang 84 Custom Deluxe late last year and have only had a chance to compete in 2 events so far.

I was in Young Harris Ga a couple weeks ago  and got a 5th place call on pork. There was only 3.9998 difference from 1st to 5th. It was pretty cold and little rain and wind but the Lang came through like a champ.

I hope to compete in about 15 events in 2012 and gets some more calls out of the Lang.

Also have you ever thought about selling wheel covers for the Smokers with your Logo on them, If you ever do I will purchase two and I feel lots of Lang users would also purchase them. Lastly I notice you are having a cooking class in April I will not be able to attend that one but I am interested in if there will be more cooking classes this year and when I would love to attend. My next competition will be in Columbus Ga in April.

Thanks for your time and your AWESOME SMOKER!!!!

Rock Moomau

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