Lang Videos & Stick Burner Testimonial

Danny Bruce wrote: “Ben, everyone loves your videos. Would love to see a regular posting of new ones, if you have time. Maybe 1 a month? You could compile questions that you get over the course of 4 weeks and answer them all in a monthly video.

For those thinking about buying a Lang, you’ll never regret it. The cookers offer maximum bang for your buck in this tough economy. Yes, a stick burner (a smoker with a wood burning fire box), will require more attention and time than your charcoal units (set it and forget it), but you’ll get a flavor unlike no other! When it comes to food, nothing is more important than the taste. Cooking with wood is “old school, traditional BBQ” and the flavor is simply awesome.

No, I do NOT work for Lang. I am simply one of the MANY Lang owners that love their smoker. You will too! Give Ben a call today!”

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