Model 60- the 2nd Generation and 3rd Generation

 I picked up my model 60 with the deluxe warmer from you around 4 to 5  years ago.  This weekend I was talking to a guy and I was telling him that  my deluxe warmer did not get hot enough to cook in unless I had the main  cooking chamber very hot.  Through the conversation he said that his  warmer had a vent of some sort through the top of the firebox into the
 warmer. Mine does not, it only has the damper from the main cooking  chamber to the warmer.  Is this correct or was this a modification of some  kind that he did? Am I missing something on mine? Could you look at any  type of sale record. I am sure that I ordered and paid for the deluxe
 warmer version and it sounds like maybe I received the warmer only  version. Thanks for you help.
 Greg K
 Jefferson City, Mo.


Hey Greg-
No, the deluxe 60 smoker cooker 2nd generation  is what you have and is what we still sell today in the New 3rd genration product. However, in 2007 we started offering an upgrade to the warmer by adding two addional four inch dampers to the top of the fire box. Thus allowing for more heat into the warmer. Since that time we have been offering it as a upgrade to the warmer for $150. It seems to be most popular on the 60 models. The warmer only version was dry with no smoke or drippan features.
Thanks for using Lang BBQ Smoker Cookers. The World’s Best Grill.
Ben Lang

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