Lang 60 BBQ Smoker Cooker

Interested in Models: Lang 60 Original

Planning to purchase: In 1-3 Months

How I found this site: internet search

Questions/Comments: I am interested in purchasing your Lang 60 Original, likely in the next week or two but I need to have a few questions answered.

1.) What would be the cost of shipping the Lang 60 Original to my home in Ocala, FL?

2.)If I choose to pick it up in person at your Nahunta, GA shop, what are your weekend hours?

3.)Is a thermometer built into the unit or is that an add on?

4.)If I pick it up are Lang 60s ready to haul out as is? Or are some other additions needed to tow them and make them road legal?

5.)Related to #4, from what I can see on the State of Florida sites the trailer would not need to be titled as it is under 2,000 pounds in weight. Since you no doubt, sell many of your units to Florida clients, is that your understanding as well or would I need a Florida plate on it to tow it home to Florida?

Thank you for your time and attention

Tom King

Ocala, FL

Hello Tom,

Some   tag their  bbq smokers; others don’t. I believe your interpretation of the law is correct.

Delivery fee to you is $400. due when it arrives.

Weekend pick ups are okay when prearranged and not on  home football weekends.

Lang BBQ Smokers come with a heat gauge, extra gauges can be purchased.

The  bbq units are road ready and require a 2″ball for towing ; with a four-way flat hook up for the trailer lights. Thanks for your e-mail and thanks for Looking at Lang BBQ Smokers.

Our model 60  is a great all around size machine. Hope to serve you up one soon.


Ben Lang

Lang 60 BBQ Smoker Cooker

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