Lang 36 BBQ Smoker or the 48?

Interested in Models: Lang 36 Original Patio, Lang 48 Patio Planning to purchase: In 1-3 Months How I found this site: Google

Questions/Comments: Is it possible to get either the 36 patio or the 48 Patio with a sliding second rack rather than the standing half rack that comes standard? If so what is the extra cost? What are the benefits to the standing half rack that I may be missing? Another option I might be interested in is a removable ash pan, or would that take to much space away from the fire box?

Looking forward to having a Lang in my yard soon!

Allen Anderson

ALLEN WE ARE GLAD THAT  YOU ARE Looking forward to having a Lang in YOUR backyard soon!

The Lang BBQ 48 and the  Lang BBQ 36 are both available with the sliding upper rack at no extra charge.

Most folks when cooking are using only the lower primary racks which take care of the majority of their cooking and prefer the openness of the cooker without the sliding rack brackets welded inside the cooker doors. The upper rack is an after thought to the cooker and is for side dishes (beans Potatoes ,etc.) to expand your cooking area when needed and does work well  when made with the sliding upper rack system. No ash pans are available for the firebox, they want last in the heat of the flame. We suggest that you add a layer of firebrick to the bottom oft the firebox under the fire grate. Makes it easy to scoop out ash and  transfers  more heat into the cooker and less out to the ground. Makes our BBQ Smokers even more of a wood miser.

Thanks for Looking and Buying Lang BBQ Smokers Regards, Ben Lang

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2 thoughts on “Lang 36 BBQ Smoker or the 48?”

  1. mr. lang. I seen where you would put a sliding rack in;for no extra disabled now,and I plan on cooking for my church.that warmer on the deluxe model;could it be used for porkchops.or could I get 6 or 9 slabs of baby back ribs on the bottom;then be able to get legquarters and chops on top screen.anyway you could tell me total slabs of baby back ribs;or how many hams of mutton I could cook. When I order;im going to order 2 48 patios.then I seen you say they weighed 600-800 pounds. What would I be charged to ship 2.or could your staff load 2 in my truck. I have a pain pump;and if I lift more than a gallon of milk.i could tear it out.not whinning;just don’t want to drive down;and not have someone to load them.will 2 fit. I have 07 Silverado.6.5 ft bed.appreciate it mr lang,if you would answer. Will make trip in about 2 months.unless shipping is not a whole lot of money.

  2. I was just delivered my new 36 smoker and am in complete anticipation to be able to start using it. Temp at 19 right now with 1 foot of snow on the ground so it will drive me crazy. Seeing all the pictures and information on this unit is one thing but having it face to face is another. Thanks to Ben and his crew it is here and now waiting to get used. Ben just so you know when they showed up last night my wife came out to my garage and started singing you LOGO. she is for sure on my side for this grill and was also impressed thanks again.
    Mark Johnson (Lincoln Nebraska)


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