Right Type of Wood


Dry hard wood of any kind, when burned clean; so that it get’s hot, will caramelize and brown the food rather than smoke it up; which is where the bitter taste comes from.  Fruit woods add to the sweetness in flavor and  when burned green (unlike dry hard woods)tend to be sweetest. They also work best when used with a base of hardwood burned to coals .

So always run  your wood burning  smokers  hot and clean so that you get the results you desire at whatever temperature you chose.  That way you will have a subtle smoke flavor to the bone and beautifully cooked  picture perfect food every-time.  And Having a Lang BBQ Smoker  will take the worry out of  BBQ for you.

Thanks for encouraging us  to “get with-it”  on the cook book. Hope to e-mail you about one soon.

And thanks for  these questions they are the type that will be the backbone of our BBQ CookBook .

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