Wining Smoker Cooking Competitions with a Lang

We are  proud to hear from owners of Lang smoker cookers that are winning smoker cooker awards around the U.S.A.
Check out some recent winners cooking on a Lang!

competition winners cooking on a langPacific Northwest BBQ Association Grand Champions

Cooked on a Lang Smokers, 1st place pork, 3rd Chicken and RGC out of 70 teams – Brad Rand
first grand championship awards
Todd Tucker  Won his first Grand Championship!
trophies for food cooked on a Lang smoker cooker
3 Trophy Winner

First in ribs, Second in Chicken and Over all champ. Power to the LANG. – D.j. Watkins

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  1. I have a Lang 48 Delux. Has anyone tried to add anytype of water bath system? I use choice brisket, marinade and inject, but I’m experiencing a Dryness on my meat. I was thinking some sort of water bath system might help keep my meat moist during the smoking process.

  2. Most often Shipping fees for parts make it cost prohibitive.
    You can pick parts locally from someone that does steel sales and welding. Hope this helps and welcome to the Lang Family of BBq Smokers.

  3. Hello,

    I just purchased a Lang 60 from a gentleman from NC. I was wondering if I could purchase a new grate for the firebox as the one that came with it is in dire shape. Thanks


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