Calling all Lang BBQ Smoker fans!

It’s time to rally together and show our support for a true barbecue legend. We’re thrilled to announce that Ben Lang is trying to be admitted to the Barbecue Hall of Fame class of 2024, and we need YOUR vote to win! Keep in mind when you cast your vote there will be 3 questions to answer. Here are a few examples to why Ben Lang truly deserves this prestigious honor:

1. Innovation: Ben Lang has revolutionized the art of barbecue with his innovative reverse flow smoker designs. With his reverse flow innovation enabling “goof proof” results for even smoker owners, Ben has opened up the entire world to great BBQ. From giving the confidence to beginners, while giving consistent results for pros, Lang BBQ Smokers have become the go-to choice for those who demand top-notch quality and unmatched flavor.

2. Quality Craftsmanship: Each Lang BBQ Smoker is crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail. Ben Lang’s commitment to excellence shines through in every weld, every seam, and every inch of these remarkable BBQ smokers. Every Lang BBQ Smoker is made in America.

3. Awards:  Lang BBQ Smokers has won many awards over the years from Best of Nahunta Award for Manufacturing to multiple Amazing Ribs Pitmaster and Best Value rewards.  Also the Lang 48″ Deluxe Patio with Wagon Wheel Cart model is featured on Netflix’s popular cooking competition show Barbecue Showdown!

4. Passion for BBQ: Ben Lang’s love for great food and community shines through in everything he does, making him a true ambassador for the barbecue world. Lang BBQ Smokers ships multiple units internationally every year. You can now get Lang BBQ smoked meats in almost every continent in the world.

5. Community Impact: Beyond just making incredible smokers, Ben Lang and the Lang BBQ Smokers team have made a significant impact on local and international  barbecue communities. From hosting educational classes to supporting BBQ competitions, Ben has  foster a vibrant barbecue culture that brings people together globally.

Let’s show our appreciation for Ben Lang and all he’s done for the world of barbecue! Cast your vote today and help secure Lang BBQ Smokers’ well-deserved spot in the Barbecue Hall of Fame. Together, we can make barbecue history!

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