Amazing Ribs Gives Our 36 Smoker the GOLD Best Value Award

Amazing-Ribs-gold-Best-Value-AwardAmazing Ribs Awards our 36” Lang BBQ Smoker their GOLD Best Value award!


Hybrid Smoker Cooker

They also wrote a fabulous review article about our new Hybrid units. “A relatively new development for Lang is their Hybrid cookers that have a sealed off charcoal grill on the left side and a traditional smoker with attached firebox on the right.”  Notice the single cylinder below with two openings. The chargrill is further from the fire box. Many homeowners are telling us they love having a single Hybrid than have two units in their yard; one for smoking and the other for grilling. langBBQsmoker36-patio-Hybrid

Clean Design

The Original Reverse Flow

“The baffle in the above diagram is a V-shaped trough or griddle. Drippings hit the griddle and sizzle, sending moisture and flavor into the smoke box. Grease and gunk never goes into the belly of the smoker, but is diverted outside. Primary racks are positioned about an inch above the griddle. Since drippings don’t build up under the racks, they always hit hot metal instead of a pool of gunk and sizzle as the excess moves into the trough and heads out the 2″ brass gate valve.” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves!



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