November Lang Biz Tips

When do you take a breath and work on improving your business?

It takes dedication to make consistent improvements to your business.. Do you have good awareness of where you currently stand. Quarterly reviews are a great starting place.

Organize: You may have things such as paperwork spread across your deck, an unsorted Google Drive, and subscription services with old payment details. Your goal to improve business becomes easier when you implement more organization and efficiency.

Finances: To improve you need to know financial numbers including everything from cash flow to your business’s credit score. By revisiting your finances, pay close attention to the accuracy of numbers and determine where you may be spending too much. Where are you spending where you should be saving? The only way you can identify financial improvements is by knowing your numbers.

Employees: seek out workplaces where they feel valued and respected, and you can implement strategies to create spaces for intentional conversation and celebration. This could be anything from an open-door policy between you and employees to quarterly team feedback meetings and birthday or holiday greetings.

Credit score:  It’s a lot like your credit score, meaning you already have experience in maintaining this. A few ways to improve your score.

would be to limit credit use, pay bills on time, and avoid closing accounts. Get into the habit of reviewing your business credit report regularly and reporting any inaccuracies.

Community: Re member pursuing customers when you started? Chances are that spark has lessened over time, and you may have lost contact with customers to focus on other aspects of the business. Reengaging with your community is a necessary and fulfilling method to enhance business. In fact, 86% of loyal customers will refer others to a business.

Google: Improving your Google search results means getting familiar with search engine optimization (SEO). It’s a marketing strategy that focuses on getting a business higher on a search page when using select keywords. Getting better placement means selecting pertinent keywords, creating content with those on your site, and optimizing said content for more relevancy.

Help:  Another way to improve business may be tough for some headstrong business owners. But you need to get comfortable knowing when you’re out of your league and ask for help. The SBA offers specific mentoring programs for small business owners. You can also find business owner support groups on LinkedIn or at local business development centers.

Acquisition: A great way to focus on business development is by awareness. Your market is full of inspiration and insightful data, such as a new niche, a trend, or a competitor. You may find a struggling business that could be open for a buyout, a potential opportunity to break into a new customers.

Diverse: You should also look to diversify your product lines based on the results of your research. The social world has made it easy to stay aware of trends, especially on TikTok, with its 1 billion users. This is a great way to keep your business fresh and in the social conversation. And remember, staying on trend could simply mean marketing or branding a classic product in a new way.

Relationships: You can tap into new ways to connect with customers, including:

  • Virtual meetups with loyal customers
  • Farmer’s-market tables for attracting local consumers
  • Live social media videos, sharing tips or fun content
  • Monthly emails to customers with updates

Outreach: To build a community for your brand means building relationships with customers. When you focus on them as people, you find ways to connect in a way that feels more personal.  Find fellow entrepreneurs. These relationships could be professional, sending referrals your way, and personal, acting as a sounding board for new ideas.

Marketing:  You need to measure your marketing efforts. Especially those you’re putting the more time and money into. You need to know what’s helping your sales and what isn’t. Learn how people are finding your website. Is it through a referral program, advertisements or a blog post? Be sure you know so you can redouble your efforts in whatever area’s working. Google Analytics is a free and easy to use tool to track your website traffic. And you can use Hootsuite to evaluate your social media presence and what content is working and what isn’t.

Customers:  Improving your customer relationships isn’t a new strategy, but it works. Building customer relationships means really listening to what they need and making every effort to satisfy those needs. Try to customize your products or service based on those needs, too. Investing in customer relationships means dedicating lots of time and resources. Be prepared for this to really reap the benefits of loyal repeat customers. Offering excellent customer service is another must. Give the customer what they want. Do whatever is in your power to make them happy.

Workforce:  Improving the efficiency of your small business and your company operations all boils down to your employees. You need to understand what motivates your employees to work smarter and more productively. Offer to mentor an employee or look into paying for low-cost training online or in-person seminars.

Dropouts: Take a hard look at your business. What products aren’t selling? Which employees aren’t performing? What products or services should you really be selling? Make the necessary changes to get rid of what slows you down and add what will really rev your business up.

Overhead: What can you cut down on to save money? Perhaps you can have certain employees work remotely, or the entire team even. Or some roles can become contracts instead of full time.

Competition: Study your competitors to figure out what no one else is offering. What opportunities exist that no one else is taking advantage of?

Trends: What are the buying habits of your customers and are they changing? A simple survey of your customers can help you identify these changes. Or maybe there are global trends that no one’s applied to your industry yet.

A barbeque business requires much more than good food, Pay attention to the details and watch over everything keenly. That will keep you business healthy.


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