Best way to smoke brisket on your Lang Smoker Cooker

Terry sent a good question to the Lang team recently and this was Mr. Ben Lang response.


Hello Lang Team,

Can you tell me the best spot on my Lang 36 to smoke a brisket?

– Lower or upper rack?
– Fire box side or opposite side?



Mr. Ben Lang:

Thanks for you for your great question Terry.

It would be good to also ask the Owners group (5k plus) at Lang BBQ Smokers, a facebook group that is run and operated by Lang Smoker Cooker owners. All discussions on the topic are also archived for you to search.

Our cook team and Georgia State Champion Darryl Strickland is there regularly cooks his hot and fast and would have some good tips for you also.

I like to trim brisket and cook fat side down and cook it on the lower rack unless I am cooking more then I use both racks. The brisket goes on the middle of the rack with the larger part of it toward the fire box.

Thanks for Cooking on a Lang- Stay Healthy !

Ben Lang

smoked brisket

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