A Letter From Ben Lang

A Letter From Ben Lang

 Hello From The Factory here at Lang BBQ Smokers.

Hello From The Factory here a Lang BBQ Smokers. We are cooking right along and having another record setting year building you the best barbecue smokers on the planet. Thank you for your allowing us to continue this success.

I know that Great customers like you and yours only come from great products like ours. And I and my family are grateful and humbled daily by this experience of providing you the cooking hardware you need to feed yourself and others. This success could not have been done without you. Thank You.

As owner and founder of Lang BBQ Grills, Inc. I am excited to inform you that soon that I will begin negotiating licensing Manufacturing Rights for our Legendary Lang BBQ Smokers, on a Regional bases-both domestically and internationally.  These Licensed Manufacturing Agreements will allow us to have available daily; tens of millions of dollars of inventory, for waiting customers-through-out the United States and other Countries throughout the world, of our most popular selling units. After all everybody loves to eat, and especially if your cooking on a Lang.

Anyone having interest in these agreements should contact me directly in writing by way of  letter of introduction and intent -sent too:  Ben C. Lang II   Lang Bar-B.Q. Grills, Inc.  P O Box 565 Nahunta, GA 31553.

As I sign our most recent  trade agreement and we begin completing the cookers for  the newest television production company we are working with,( which is beginning filming of the Next Great BBQ Series  for a Major Network very soon and will air this fall); I am reminded  how far we have come from our beginnings, and how we have always  stayed true to authentic. Thank you for doing the same. I am confident that our ancestries would be very proud that we are feeding the folks the right way! I know that my namesake Smoke House Operator/ Grandpa would!

Have a Great Fall -You all. Thanks for Cooking on a Lang!

And Remember Snappy Fresh Results only comes from a Clean grill- keep the grease out.

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