Lang Biz Tips May 2024

Growing Business. Changing World.

With the constant changes in the world, technology, and marketplace, you need to manage good habits to keep and grow your barbeque business.

Operating a business today means staying open and taking in an ever-expanding flood of information. There are many factors involved but the single most important, critical and valuable business success tool is keeping customers happy, providing a good experience for them.

With social media and search sites, customers have more research and data at their hands than ever before, and their expectations are higher than ever before.

In many situations, the way you treat your customers has more of an impact than your pricing or product quality. It’s true!

I’m talking about the impression that stamps in a customer’s experience that tells them what your values are and how much you care about them. And this impacts their perception of your brand across each stage and contact point of the customer’s journey.

This means that businesses need to focus on every step of the buyer’s experience with you. You need to identify the problems on that path and offer new opportunities to create a great customer experience:

  • Make customer experience a priority by gathering insights from everyone on your team.
  • Take steps to reduce friction and focus energy on what’s most important to your customers.
  • Look at your product experience from their point of view.
  • Solve problems before they impact your customer base.
  • Train and support your customer service team.

Customers want and expect a great experience, and they’re willing to pay a premium for it. Are you providing that experience? Are you over-delivering? To run a successful business, you must be.

The oldest companies in the world have been around for ages, but many companies struggle to last. In 2021 alone, over 14,000 businesses in the United States filed for bankruptcy.

Every business starts as an idea. Some ideas are riskier than others. Some ideas seem like a good plan at the time but fizzle out over time. There are a few approaches you can take to find an idea that can make your business a success.

What you know is where you go.

First, start with what you know. If you’ve ever had a hobby or a job that you were passionate about, you know that every detail is more complex than it seems. As you learn more, you get a clearer picture of the joys and challenges below the surface.

Talk to someone.

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