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It’s not just what you cook, it’s what you cook with.

It’s about pleasing the customer’s taste that brings them back. And that is what keeps your business going and growing. Having made that point, here’s what some of the Lang users say about Reverse Flow.

-Having cooked pork, ribs, whole prime ribs, beef tender loins, pork tender loins, chicken, sausage, hamburgers, and other things, Lang’s cooker and the reverse flow is, absolutely bar none, the best smoker you’ll ever use.


-The reverse flow with the baffle plate is absolutely necessary to prevent extreme temperature differences inside your smoker’s chamber.

-It offers an overall more even cook on your racks. There’s little difference in outcome or cook times with the meat that is in different locations on the smoker. A few hours in, the temps even out across the board and it’s a smooth ride to landing!

-Well, it keeps temperatures even across all cooking surfaces from the front to the back of the smoker.


-The reverse flow under the plate heats the plate up and acts as a steamer keeping moisture in the cook. A great feature.

-The reverse flow concept makes a lot of sense, particularly when cooking large quantities every day. It really helps with the consistency of results cook after cook.


-During your career you cook on many styles of smokers and grills. The Reverse Flow is excellent for providing indirect heat giving the meat a nice penetrating smoke ring.


-The reverse flow technology is the best way to smoke meat. The fact that the plate of steel heats up evenly is probably one of best ways to get a consistent temperature that makes smoking easy. It’s the best way to smoke meats. You can cook on all kinds of smokers and grills, stick burmers, pellet grills, and they’re good, but the bet way to smoke is reverse flow and Lang is the king of reverse flow.


-You can’t produce a high-quality product without it. It makes all the difference. All!


-It allows for even, consistent sizzling and searing of the meat to perfection. The heat is used twice, and the baffle plate is fat searing, so it’s sizzling food perfectly and with flavor and moisture. It’s a great design.


-Only way to go and never worry about burning food or hot spots.


-The reverse flow keeps temperatures even across all cooking surfaces from the front to the back of the smoker.


-Gotta love the whole design. There’s cheaper reverse flow mimics, but it would always burn meat closer to the fire box, but with Lang, it is well manufactured.


-It’s genius. Nothing like it…no competition, no comparison.


-The flavor is better than other offsets. Without it you have to try and modify the smoker so much to get the smoke flavor expected. Lang holds temps extremely well.


-Straight up–there’s no comparison to any other smoker or grill—None! You get that crispy bark on the meats you cook, and the Lang never loses heat so it’s consistent. And take brisket for instance. Typically, brisket loses a third of its weight while being cooked.  Lang holds the weight, the reverse flow seals it exactly right.


The temperatures are pretty even throughout. However, with the plate being so hot… you might overcook the bottom of the briskets if you get what’s called a Hot fire. It means your fire in the firebox is too high, and the heat starts charring the meat.


-The consistent heat, the build quality, and the flavor you get from a reverse flow; that concept, reverse flow is just an amazing innovation.

-As Ben says, “a smoker/cooker.” When those juices hit the reverse flow plate and sizzle their way back up into the meat, oh man that creates a taste like no other.


-A great feature is the modified warmer. If you’re only doing a case of ribs, you can use the warmer and shut off the main chamber. The Reverse flow feature is the heart of the system..


-The cooking space and its ability to keep even temps throughout the cooking chamber. That’s what Ben’s Reverse Flow does that no other can. Also, the way it’s built, even the welds are excellent. You can’t settle for less.


-Griddle plate seasoning, it really does get better the more you cook on it. Also the thickness of the metal used. And the Reverse Flow, it’s the key to even cooking all the way across and it’s the secret to a consistent taste profile.

-Consistency across the board, the convective and radiant heat. If you feed it right, it will take care of you. Lang also offers reverse flow which produces a more even temperature throughout. They also really well made and they left a lot of capacity to load up meats with no problem.


-It’s the overall quality of the smoker, the reverse flow, and the ease of use and the fact that you can get it to temp and hold it there. This unit is also big enough for all my smoking needs. I would always recommend a Lang and to have the Hybrid. You can grill and smoke at the same time. Plus, having the warming box on it is great. It works great for cold smokes and keeping food warm. One trick for smoking is to preheat the wood. The big tires and the swivel handle makes it easy move it around with ease.

Here’s the more detailed explanation of reverse flow:

The heat drafts from the firebox into the cooking cylinder and draws down under a baffled-flue to the end, then it reverses flow (thus the nick name reverse-flow) and drafts back over the top of the heated baffle-flue. This heated baffle or flue is designed; in our cooker, as a grease and watertight griddle or pan.

The cooking racks are placed on top of griddle. As the meat cooks the fat renders out, it sears and sizzles on a hot clean griddle, thus pure magic. Championship results. The meat stays moist, becomes tender and is flavorful beyond compare. And it’s less filling. What a winning combination. When it comes to Off-Set Firebox BBQ Smokers Cookers we are the originators of the reverse flow design. And in our we continue to perfect that design.

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