Check Out this Fat Boy in Action



Yummy! Rob sent in these pictures from his recent cook. Now that’s what I call #CookingOnALang !


If you have a Lang BBQ Smoker and want to share some photos and perhaps a recipe – shoot us an email or post on our Facebook page.




4 thoughts on “Check Out this Fat Boy in Action”

  1. I have I believe model 60 bought in 1998. Its actually an old LP tank. It’s still the best cooker ever owned. Use it regular.

    • Rodney, we are so glad to hear that you have been enjoying your Lang since 1998. When other smokers offer 1-2 yea warranty, we kind of chuckle, as our smokers last pretty much forever if they are taken care of.

  2. My son Jacob and I drove down to pick up our Lang 48 original. Ben was so wonderful greeting us and teaching us how to use it. We practiced for two weekends in a row and then cooked for 150 guests at my wife’s retirement party. 20 racks of Ribs, 3 Pork Butts, 60 pieces of Chicken, 2 Whole Salmon cut into Steaks, beans on the firebox, ratatouille in the smoker and the rest of The fixings. Wow, the Lang handled it all and was fabulous. They ate it all! We have had the best time cooking and enjoying the whole experience and spending the time together. Thanks so very much!!



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