Whole Hog Cook’n on a Lang 48” Patio

Scott Hildreth couldn’t find any videos that demonstrated just how to cook a whole hog on a Lang 48 Patio Cooker. So, along with his son, they made a video that does just that, a step-by-step  way to cook a 60 lb. hog. He details how to prepare the hog itself. You’ll learn why they started cooking with the top shelf of the Lang, and why they rubbed the outside of the hog with oil. See what woods they burned and the temps they used. This is a detailed lesson that offers the “whole hog,” of what you need to know.

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  1. I never got to say thank you for the demonstration, I followed your instructions and it came out fantastic. So thanks, belatedly maybe 2 years but it was an inspiration


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