Smokin Hot Testimonial

A Smokin Hot Testimonial

December 11, 2018

Dear Mr. Lang and Family,

You delivered my Lang 48 inch Patio Deluxe about a month ago to Fishers, Indiana.

I did my research on offset smokers. I knew of your reputation for function and quality in your smoker/cookers. I highly anticipated my custom order. I knew what I was getting into. Or at least I thought I knew. But I was still buying sight unseen, and that bothered me a little bit. I had never seen an actual Lang up close except on video.

Wow. Your product exceeded all expectations and then some. The craftsmanship is unbelievable! The welds are beautiful. The functionality of this unit is incredible. Basically, what I bought is a wood stove attached to a cooking chamber.

I grew up in Indiana and my family heated our home and farm sheds with wood stoves. My wood stove experience translated directly to the Lang and I had the temperature regulated on my Lang in just a few practice cooks. I can reliably cook at 225 F, 250 F, 275 F or go on up if I want to. I took to your product like a duck takes to water.

I have completed nine cooks including chicken, ribs, brisket, chuck roast, pork butt, turkey, baked potatoes, veggie, pineapple, and pizza. Everything mentioned got eaten by friends and family. There is no substitute for authentic wood fired BBQ!

Thank you for providing such a valuable product to the BBQ Community.

With that said, if you ever have anyone in Central Indiana inquire about where they might see a Lang in action, my home is wide open for folks to take a look at my Lang. If they time it right, I might even feed them.


Brian “Cookin’ on a Lang” White

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