Shipping a Unit

I’m a soldier currently in Iraq. I would like to order a model 60 with some of my hard earned combat pay. I would like some guidance on when to order the smoker so I get it around the first of June. Also, for FOB, how do they get the smoker off the delivery truck? Do I need to be there for that?
Any suggestions you can give me would be appreciated.
SSG Michael D. Hoy, Task Force 34, JBB, Iraq.

Hello SSG Micheal Hoy,
Thank you for your order of model 60 and for spending some of your hard earned combat pay with us.. It means alot . You should order May 1 or as early as April 27. So as to allow for shipping time. Yes, they have a way of unloading it if needed. You would not need to be there. However someone needs to sign for it and pay the delivery man.
You would pay us only for the cooker when ordered or prior to shipment.
You can order on line or by phone.
Thanks again for your order. And For All You Do.
Keep your head down. And Best of Luck.
Ben Lang

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