Moving Up From Model 60 To The New Model 84

I have had my model 60 for two years now and just placed an order for a Lang Model 84.

I have mainly used the Lang Model 60 for friends & family gatherings and the comments about the food have been great. Last Thanksgiving I fired up the smoker to do 3 Turkeys and 2 of my neighbors saw the smoke and brought their turkeys over instead of putting them in the oven, they said the turkey came out moist and delicious. Last weekend I took the smoker out to a Cub Scout overnight camp-out for our pack of 25 scouts and 18 adults, with the thought that it would be easier to cook for everyone rather than each family doing their own cooking. There were about 8 other Scout Packs at the event. 
We did 30lbs of Boston butt and a couple trays of BBQ Beans on the smoker. I even threw on a dozen hamburgers and 16 hotdogs since Cub Scouts do not always appreciate good food.
I am happy to report that everything turned out great, the Scouts enjoyed the BBQ, even those whose parents said that they normally would not eat BBQ or Beans. The only leftovers were a couple of hamburgers and half a dozen hot dogs. The scouts who had the hamburgers and hotdogs said they were delicious. We had a few guests drop in, The Scouting District Director, the Scout Camp Ranger, the Event Organizer, and a couple of the main volunteers helping with the event. They were attracted by the smell
of great BBQ which completely overpowered the smell of the hotdogs that all the other Packs were eating. The best comment we had from them was this was like eating at a 5-star restaurant and if we were doing it next year they would be sure to be around.
The model 84 I ordered will be mainly used for Cub and Boy Scout BBQ fund raisers and I really wish I could afford 2 of them, since we end up renting or borrowing propane smokers. The efforts that the Scouts put in during these fund raisers teaches them a lot about responsibility and the benefits of Doing Their Best. The money from these Fund Raisers allows us to provide many exciting opportunities and programs for these kids.
Thank You
Charlotte NC

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  1. Peter, is your Lang 60 the Original or the Deluxe model? I am still looking for a larger smoker than the Weber Smokey Mountain.

    I saw a Lang in action in Monroe NC at the city’s annual BBQ cook off (Pigs in the Park). I am not sure which model was being used, but it sure was cooking up a storm.

    I guess you are keeping the 60 since you stated that you would like to be able to buy two Lang 84’s.

    If you are ready to sell it let me know. I work in Charlotte, and could stop by anytime.

    Good luck with the Scouts. I’m waiting for my little one to get involved with Girl Scouts so that I can help with the fund raisers too.

    Take care

  2. Hi Peter,

    I see someone already beat me to the punch on the question. However, if it didn’t pan out, let me know. I would be interested too.


  3. Peter, do you want to sell your Lang 60? I am very interested in buying a larger cooker. I am currently using a Weber Smokey Mountain.

    I would like to see the Lang 60.


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