Lang 84 Deluxe

My Lang 84 Deluxe got here a couple weeks ago but I’ve been away on vacation so I haven’t gotten to try it yet. Which is why I’m writing you. First off, this thing is AWESOME! Even better than I imagined. Actually, while I was gone, a couple of my buddy’s stopped by my garage just to check it out. Secondly, you have been the nicest people to work with. From order to delivery you all were so cool. Now the questions. I want to cook a 150 lb pig next week,head on, and about 20 racks of ribs (My wife’s 30th birthday party,come on up!).
Thanks again
for all your help and great service.
Kyle Jaarda

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  1. Is it possible to attain temperatures up to 350-400F in in the warmer box. If so have you ever put a fan on the warmer to create a convection effect.

  2. Yes Sir,
    More people start up their barbecue ” cooking for hire” buisness ventures with model # 84 Delx Lang Smoker Cookers , than any other size or brand. Many come back for their second Lang BBQ Smokers within the fist six months to a year. They then buy a twin 84 or another 84. Some buy The model #108’s. But most continue to use both cookers. You have found the right Bar-B.Q.Grill for making money. The model 84 will cook for 100 to 200 to 300 people with ease. Three hundred pounds of meat is a full load.
    With the model #108 is doubles and requires an elec break control in the towing vehicle.

    Ben Lang

  3. I was curious on your thoughts about the Lang 84 Deluxe. I was thinking of startin my own BBQ catering here in my neck of the woods. Neighbors constantly hound me to smoke something, thought I might as well make some money at it, right? Anyhow do you think the Lang 84 Deluxe is a big enough unit to start a catering business with? I want to have the ability to feed a couple hundred people at one shot, the ability to roast a good sixe whole hog. What about the Lang 108? any thoughts?


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