Retiring Miltary Man Gets a Lang

Mr. Lang and company,

Let me start off by saying you have made me a very happy man. I have been bugging my wife for several years now to let me get one of your smokers. When I told her I submitted my retirement papers last week she surprised me with “ permission ” to purchase one of your smokers. Her excuse has always been; we never stay in one place for more than a couple of years and it would be hard to ship to my next Duty station. My father has had one of your grills now for many years and is always telling me his cooking is and always will be better than mine. Now I can put that hogwash to rest and tell the master his apprentice has surpassed him in ability and it’s time for him to take a seat. As soon as I placed my order last week I was on the phone with him talking trash about how I got a newer and better smoker than he does. Yes it’s a rivalry but its family, so it’s all in fun.

I am planning my retirement party for a couple of weeks after your smoker arrives. I cook for my guys once or twice a month depending on whether or not we are out to sea or as duty allows. The boys in my division have heard me talk about your smokers for the last three years and now I finally have the chance to show them what’s up.

Once again let me thank you and your crew for making a great piece of hardware that I will cherish for years to come.

M. Lloyd

FCCS retiring

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