Grills and Smokes to Perfection!

Hello Mr. Lang,

A few months ago, I drove to your shop in Georgia, and I purchased a Model 84 with deluxe warmer and charcoal grill on the front. I absolutely love the smoker. I have smoked so many things on it, and everything turns out fantastic. Since this was my 1st smoker, I was hoping to get a unit that was very “user friendly” and “idiot-proof”. This one surely fits the bill. I did a ton of homework before purchasing a smoker, and your name seemed to always come out on top!

I swear that I’ve tried everything, but I can not barbecue anything bad! Everything comes out perfect, moist and juicy. I just fire it up, wait about 20-30 minutes for it to get up to temperature, and put the meat on. Everything virtually cooks itself. For Easter, I tried to smoke my 1st whole hog. It came out awesome!!! I’ve attached a before & after pic of it. Thanks again for making a superior product. Some friends and I will be competing in our 1st BBQ competition in September. Wish us luck!!!

Thanks for a great product….

Best Regards,
M. Bonaiuto of Malabar, Florida

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