Recipes For Smokin’ Super Bowl Parties

Whether you’re hosting family and friends at home or tailgating a Super Bowl party, barbecuing meat for the big day on a Lang BBQ Smoker Cooker will make you a winner!

Smoke, cook or grill pork, beef or chicken to perfection to keep the pig skin crowd happy no matter who wins the game! Even if the game doesn’t have your guests sitting on the edge of their seat, they’ll be chomping at the bit for seconds of the best barbecue they’ve ever had!
And if you want some great recipe ideas for Game Day, check these out:

Here is a smoked prime rib recipe from our resident expert, Chef Pau Kirk, who teaches many of  the Q-School cooking classes, which are coming up again in April! Check out this smoked prime rib recipe.

And click here for a recipe for “Sticky Lemon Pepper Chicken Wings” that has won Chef Paul numerous prizes in BBQ contests far and wide.

There is more information on our Q-School smoker cooker classes website. Sign up now and learn from instructor Chef Paul Kirk.

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